Sunday, May 17, 2009

Honor roll (Abigfish)

I would like to congratulate players who have done exceptionally well for me. So I thought I would create an honour roll for them. The first player I would like to congratulate is Abigfish. He turned a starting bankroll of $3,000 into $12,000 in 16 days. He was break even for most of the BAP until the 16th day where he took first place in the $55 50k guarantee on Pokerstars for $9,150.

The unfortunate thing is I had a measly $10 invested in him. I think I was getting low on my bankroll because I did not consider his plan high risk. I ended with $26.56 for a profit of $16.56 and a whopping 166% ROI. I invested $30 into his new BAP. Hopefully he will have similar results. So congratulations Abigfish for making the honour roll.