Friday, May 1, 2009

Poker staking (Bankroll status)

Well I'm getting close to having 80% of my bankroll staked out. I was having trouble finding some low risk BAPs. I created a thread on PTP discussing the current trends in BAPs. I was noticing more high risk BAPs than low risk BAPs. Low and behold shortly after I was able to find some good low risk BAPs. Since my bankroll is getting close to being staked out to where I want it, this will slow down on the amount of BAPs' I will be investing in. As a result I will be a bit more picky in what BAP's I will choose.

Currently I am down from my original bankroll. I don't have specific data yet. Unfortunately, I am having a few issues with my data, which I'm ironing out. Once that is fixed I will be posting my bankroll results in more detail.

I'm not too worried about a slow start. The thing I have to realise is this still involves poker. As you all may have experienced, poker is a game of variance. I'm confident my investments are sound. One thing I have been doing that has improved my skill in choosing BAPs is viewing posts by players who are having trouble selling their BAPs. I review their BAP and give them an honest opinion from an investors point of view. Sometimes I find a good BAP to invest in. It's little things like this I believe will improve my ROI over time. By the way if you ever want an honest opinion on a BAP you are trying to sell, then feel free to post it here in the comments. You can post the link here or break it down in point form. I will be only too happy to help you improve your BAP. Thanks for reading.